Car Shipping with Covid 19

Is It Safe to Ship a Car During Pandemic?

Yes, it is totally safe to get a car transport service during the pandemic. All you need to do is follow a few precautions, SOPs as they say, and you’ll be just fine.

The global pandemic is not going anywhere in the next three or four years; many experts agree on this. So this means we need to adjust our lives accordingly and manoeuvre safely around this virus.

This is exactly what you will do when shipping your car. You will follow standard safety procedures that are known to keep people from getting infected, and that should be more than enough to move a car.

What is Expedited Auto Transport?


Have you seen the term ‘expedited shipping’ tossed around the internet when browsing through car transport websites? Or maybe you know what it means but want to confirm that you know it right?

Well, whatever it is that brought you here, this guide will help you learn everything about it. So read on till the end:

So, What’s an Expedited Car Transport?

It’s exactly what it sounds like; fast shipping. Unfortunately, in the car transport industry, delays are normal as the traffic, weather, and road conditions can hinder the speed with which a carrier moves. Furthermore, the availability of the car carrier can also make it difficult for the car shipping company to deliver your vehicle quickly. This is where the option of expedited car shipping comes into the equation. It is when the car is shipped with a guarantee of getting delivered on or by a decided date.

However, not all car shipping companies offer expedited car transport service, which is why your options are limited when it comes to finding a top-quality auto transport company with expedited shipping. But just to let you know, we do United Freeway Transportation do offer this service and that too at incredibly affordable prices.

How much more is enclosed Car Shipping?


Wondering why or by how much the enclosed car shipping service costs more than the open carrier transport? Well, then make sure to read this detailed guide till the end to understand everything clearly.

From talking about the types of cars transported to giving you an idea of cost difference and more, we will go over everything important you need to know. That said, let’s dive right in:

What are the Types of Cars Transported in Enclosed Car Shipping?

If you don’t know, enclosed car transport is the moving of vehicles in a secured container that protects them from road and weather elements and also in case the carrier gets into an accident. Since it offers greater protection than open car transport, it costs higher. However, your regular use, ordinary vehicles might not really need enclosed shipping. Here are the vehicles types that do:

  • Classic Cars
  • Custom Cars
  • Antique CarsLuxury Cars
  • Exotic Cars
  • Super Cars
  • Sports Cars

How Much More Does Enclosed Car Shipping Cost?

Well, this is a question that we don’t really have a straightforward answer to because a lot of factors like the type of car, total distance, add-ons (like expedited shipping), weight, and dimensions of a car come into play. Based on these things, a final quote can be decided.

However, if you were to say that a car has all the above factors as same, and you want separate prices for moving it in open as well as enclosed containers to the same location, then the difference will be 30-40% in the car shipping cost.

This means if the cost to ship a car in an enclosed container is $1000, then the same would be $600-$700 in an open container. It can also be less than that, depending on the time of the year as demand changes the price.

Why Get Enclosed Transport When Buying Your Dream Car?

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Getting auto shipping for your dream car is a must, and there is no room for debate on it because you would want it to reach your garage in a safe and secure manner. However, what’s debatable is whether it should be shipped on an open carrier or in an enclosed car transport container? Well, we prefer the enclosed one, and we have made the case below:

It’s Fully Secure:

One of the top reasons to go to enclosed car transport is that it offers top-class security to your dream car. Whether it’s from the category of vintage cars or modern supercars, it will be fully protected inside a steel-made container. This means that unlike the open carrier transport, where there is a high risk of getting the car damaged due to weather or accidents, your car will be well-protected from all of that.

Furthermore, there will not be any frequent loading or unloading of other cars like it is in the open carrier because the number of vehicles in the enclosed container is very small. So there will be absolutely no risk of your car getting scratches or dents while another car beside it is getting unloaded.

Your Investment is Protected:

One of the reasons why enclosed car transport is costlier than open car shipping is because the insurance policy is expensive for the former one. Since it carries high-value cars, the coverage amount needs to be high to compensate their owners in case of accidents.

So, because of high-value coverage, the money you put aside and invested in getting your dream beauty in your garage will be well-protected. Any accidents that are covered in the policy will result in reimbursement.

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