Joseph Carter is the Chief Executive Officer and one of the founders of the United Freeway Transportation. He is a broad-minded and aspirational person as one of the leaders he is able to hone his communication, project management, and leadership skills through his diverse experience within the supply chain. And his competitive spirit informs his approach to both leadership and customer service. He wants to be a winner and he wants our clients to be winners. Joseph with UFT leaders work to develop winning solutions for clients all over the country and to provide unprecedented, forward-thinking customer service. He is passionate about many things like jogging and playing tennis, embracing them more as a lifestyle than a hobby, Joseph is energized by tackling problems and finding the perfect solution.




Steve Brown is the Chief Operating Officer of United Freeway Transportation and one of the founders of the company. He is a talented and hardworking individual, with broad skills and experience in information technology and leading projects. As well as having a broad knowledge about auto transport business Steve is always open to new ideas to take the company to the higher level of development. He is really passionate about sport as well, like tennis and athlete are his favorite, and encourages the same routine within the company as he believes it increases the employee’s productivity. Regarding the soft skills, his key strength is communication as he is pretty good at building strong relationship with both customers and agents in order to deliver the best results.




Jake has a huge experience in the auto transport business as he has been passionate about vehicles since his childhood. By mixing his passion and experience Jake has been able to perform great works and contribute to the company’s growth. He is also brilliant at working with people and inclined to stay team-orientated, and this is now helping him to make the agents even more professional and work in harmony. Enjoying different sport games like football and swimming, he also makes time for self-development by reading various books and participating in business training.




Robert is the Team leader of the company, the person prefers to work with people as his personality is outgoing. Mr. Henderson really enjoys his job because of the atmosphere and huge aims on logistics. Initially, As a part of transportation industry, he managed to reach high points as well as developed his skills while working in financial security and sharpened his leadership ability. In the spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and you can find him usually working at his home, playing badminton, or cooking. He has a love for the art and history as well.




Allan Gray is one of the team supervisors at United Freeway Transportation LLC with the experience of organizing, leading a team and having the others united into one idea. He has been with us since the company opened and adding his valuable contribution to its development. As well as being responsible for the performance of our auto transport specialists, he is a great creator and enjoys making strategic plans to get the company to the next level of the current market. His spare time is usually filled up with spending time with the family and friends and playing ping pong and chess.

Top Agents


Allan Gray

(818) 337-0703 ext 122 email: allan@uftransportation.com

Mark Williams

(818) 337-0723 ext 107 email: mark@uftransportation.com

Sadya Saif

(313) 479-4446 ext 114 email: sadya@uftransportation.com


Charlie Clark

(818) 337-0706 ext 125 email: charlie@uftransportation.com

Stella Ashley

(818) 337-0699 ext 114 email: admin@uftransportation.com


Rosy Randeiro

(818) 337-0707 ext 102 email: admin@uftransportation.com

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