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Yes, We're Open! - United Freeway Transportation is OPEN and servicing all 50 states to assist with your auto shipping needs.

Professional and reliable Car Transport Services in California

Admin May 21, 2023

Auto transport through experts is an unparalleled and unmatched experience. If you wish to make the most of your Car Transport Services in California without punching a hole in your pocket United Freeway Transportation Services is designed for you.

We offer expedited Car shipping in California with no hidden fees. You can call us to get custom shipping solutions to fit your needs. With our expert shipping services, you get the best experience possible.

Seek reliable Car Transport Services in California

Whenever you need to relocate to a new region then the stress of the move can be a major issue. With the help of the best Car Transport services, you make this task easy and avoid driving long distances.

Selecting Enclosed Car Transport services can prove to be cheaper than self-driving your vehicle as the latter involves extensive direct and indirect costs and other issues.

You may even choose Open Car shipping services to save additional bucks on your move.

Shipping through us is easy and affordable. We also offer real-time updates on your vehicle and ensure the complete safety of your car. So by booking our services, you can easily relax and enjoy.

How do we help you with the move?

Our logistics team will offer you detailed information about your Car Transport Services in California. This means you get step-by-step guidance and support about aspects like route planning, transportation faqs, precautions, preparing for shipment, etc. We offer the best domestic car shipping services and you can trust us to transform your overall shipping experience.

Apart from this, we take due care and attention towards the shipment process. We help to create a safe environment and use advanced shipping solutions that make your vehicle shipments quick and efficient. We also plan well for climatic conditions and transform our shipping plans accordingly, without increasing your shipment costs.

We train our drivers on aspects like safe shipping, route planning, efficient driving, etc. Our insurance covers any unforeseen problems and damages.


How are my vehicle shipment costs calculated?

When determining the exact shipping costs, there are crucial factors that must be understood to get a fair auto-shipping quote. For instance - mileage between the origin and destination, shipping costs, fuel expenses, type and make of vehicle, etc.

Similarly, seasonal and off-season shipment costs vary in costs. Further, factors like the type of shipping services, etc. must also be taken into consideration.

When should I book my vehicle shipments?

It is best to schedule ahead your shipments so that you get the best shipping experience. Ideally, the shipments must be booked 2-3 weeks ahead to ensure effective results.

However, for expedited shipments, you can book by calling us and we will offer the most suitable solution for you.

What details are required for booking the shipments?

You need to share the address, delivery timeline, pickup and delivery details. Also, the contact number of the persons at each location must be given to ensure effective results.