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Yes, We're Open! - United Freeway Transportation is OPEN and servicing all 50 states to assist with your auto shipping needs.

Car Shipping Service From New York To Florida

United Freeway Transportation is known for safe and secure door-to-door Car Shipping Serviceation services

Approximate Distance 1100 Miles
Based on the Highway Route Distance For Heavy Vehicles.

Estimated Transit Time 2-4 Days
Approximate Days From When Your Vehicle Is Picked Up.

Route Availability 10/10
According To Dispatch Reports Sent For The Route.

Vehicle Shipping Service From New York To Florida

It's no secret that New Yorkers enjoy Florida during the summer, but increasing numbers are moving there permanently to escape the subway and noise.

There is a lot to see and do in the Sunshine State, after all. It's warmer, doesn't have a personal income tax, costs less to live than Manhattan, and has beaches, too!

Whether you need your vehicle transported to Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, or Miami, United Freeway Transportation can help. We provide you with the best-in-class Car Shipping Serviceation service with the assistance of our expert drivers and dedicated support staff.

With United Freeway Transportation, your vehicle can be professionally inspected, loaded, and transported to Florida with real-time tracking. This service is door-to-door and your vehicle will be delivered to you at your desired location.

New York To Florida Auto Shipping! Why Should You Choose Us?
  • We have years of experience in transporting cars and other vehicles from New York to Florida.
  • Satisfied customers have written more than 1,200 5-star reviews regarding our door-to-door auto shipping service.
  • You can get assistance with your Florida shipping regulations documents from one of our experienced customer representatives.
  • We offer live-tracking link and in-person support on (610) 982-1101 for New York to Florida Auto Shipping tracking updates.
  • Among auto shipping companies, we offer the most competitive rates from New York to Florida.
  • With weekly Car Shipping Service to Florida, you can expect fewer delays in your vehicle's departure.
Reasons Why Auto Shipping Is Better Than Driving From New York To Florida

1. Avoid hazardous driving conditions -

It is well known that driving very long distances can be dangerous. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider using an auto shipping company if you are planning on driving from the northeast to Florida. Allow one of our professional Car Shipping Serviceers to take care of the process, so you don't have to worry about driving in hazardous conditions.

2. Save time and efforts -

Driving from New York to Florida takes considerable amount of time. Traffic conditions, road conditions, weather conditions, etc., are all factors that affect your driving experience. With United Freeway Transportation, you can ship your vehicle hassle-free!

3. Save travel and other miscellaneous expenses -

A trip from New York to Florida can be expensive. Have you ever added up the costs? By a vehicle, you can rack up a lot of expenses as you refuel, encounter unexpected expenses, stay in hotels, eat at restaurants, and make other stops along the way. However, you pay only one fixed cost with United Freeway Transportation, and that's it!

4. Enjoy your plans! -

Make sure your plans don't go awry! It is not uncommon for things to go wrong on the highway when driving long distances by vehicle. Delays can range from a few hours to several days due to road conditions, weather, and other vehicle problems. You should instead hire United Freeway Transportation for your Car Shipping Serviceation needs.

Need a New York to Florida Car Transport Service?

Call (610) 982-1101 or email us at if you are looking for an Car Shipping Serviceation Service from New York to Florida. Free quotes on Car Shipping Service are available to all customers. With our reliability and best rates, you can trust us to transport your vehicle safely.