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Yes, We're Open! - United Freeway Transportation is OPEN and servicing all 50 states to assist with your auto shipping needs.

Car Shipping Service From Florida to California

United Freeway Transportation is known for safe and secure door-to-door Car Shipping Serviceation services

Approximate Distance 2800 Miles
Based on the Highway Route Distance For Heavy Vehicles.

Estimated Transit Time 5-7 Days
Approximate Days From When Your Vehicle Is Picked Up.

Route Availability 10/10
According To Dispatch Reports Sent For The Route.

Florida to California Auto Shipping Experts

Hiring an experienced car shipping expert company is the best choice when you want to ship a car from Florida to California.

At United Freeway Transportation, we offer safe, affordable, and reliable shipping of cars from Florida to California with the help of our advanced network of over 15,000 open and enclosed Car Shipping Serviceers nationwide.

Pickup From Anywhere in Florida → Delivered To Anywhere in California

Our car shipping services are provided door-to-door from Florida to California for every residential and business location.

3 Step Simple & Easy Auto Shipping From Florida to California

Step 1: Calculating The Shipping Quote

We offer offline & online quote forms. Just enter the pick-up & drop-off location, vehicle type, dates, and you will get an instant quote.

Step 2: Pick-up From Florida

Your vehicle is carefully inspected and loaded onto the carrier on the day of pickup. Direct pickup is available in Florida from any residential or commercial location.

Step 3: Delivery In California

In order to ensure your vehicle was delivered in its original condition, it will be safely offloaded and inspected again.

Best Rated Car Shipping Service Service

With over 1,200 five-star-reviews on various platforms like BBB, Google, Transport Reviews, My Moving Reviews and Trustpilot we stand proud as one of the best rated Car Shipping Service Shipping Company. Our Car Shipping Service company, United Freeway Transportation, has years of experience in moving any type of vehicle over long distances, with the goal of ensuring it arrives safely at its destination.

For all our transits, we use the same safety equipment as car transport trucks do for car manufacturers. Streamline Your Florida to California Car Shipping Serviceation with Unity Freeway Transport!

Shipping Your Vehicle With Professionals at United Freeway Transportation

Hiring an expert vehicle transport company is more cost-effective than doing it on your own. As a leading vehicle transportation company, we take care of the heavy lifting of transport, so you can work on other important things. You should hire us instead of tackling it on your own for the following reasons:

Your car is insured

Insurance is a part of any transportation service package that you pay for. In other words, whatever damages may occur to your vehicle, the company you hired will cover them. It is part of the company's policy & commitment to ensuring your car reaches its destination safely.

No depreciation

During shipping, your car will be mounted on top of a larger vehicle. As the car will not expend any part of it, it doesn't need to be depreciated.

Fixed expenses

Car Shipping Serviceation Companies work on a fixed Service Charge. Neither lodging nor gasoline will be a factor in your budget since you won't be spending those amounts. You only have to pay the fixed transport cost.

Hassle-Free Experience

Once you hire a transportation company, all the hassle is theirs. They will pick-up the car from the location, mount it, and travel it all the way to your drop-off location in California. Enjoy the service while you sit back and relax.