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Shipping Multiple Vehicles: A Comprehensive Guide

Admin February 18, 2023

If you ever need to ship more than one car, you shouldn't have any trouble doing so. This guide will give you a crash course on Shipping Multiple Vehicles service and what it can do for you. The process is easy, and you'll have access to some of the best pricing options for both individuals and businesses.

What Is Multiple Vehicle Transport?

Multiple-vehicle shipping is a service that enables you to ship multiple vehicles simultaneously, often for the same owner. The service is provided by trucks and trailers that can simultaneously carry up to ten vehicles. Depending on the trailer, the cars may either be covered or uncovered.

When several automobile owners, dealerships, or car collectors choose to send many vehicles at once, multiple-vehicle shipping offers various advantages.

Types of Multiple-Vehicle Shipment Options

There are several types of automobiles that you may choose to transport simultaneously. Here are some of the most frequent examples:

  • Muscle vehicles and sports vehicles.
  • Luxury, expensive, and exotic automobiles.
  • Vintage and vintage vehicles.
  • Transportation for military troops.
  • SUVs, pickups, and trucks.
  • All-terrain automobiles.
  • A collection of motorcycles, sports bikes, and Harley Davidsons.
  • Performance automobiles and racecars

This kind of vehicle is often carried in groups. Even bigger vehicles, such as recreational vehicles and construction equipment, may be transported in multiples. However, the availability of such a service is contingent upon the size and kind of equipment accessible to the shipping business.

Is It Safe To Transport Multiple Vehicles Across The Country?

Yes, transporting multiple vehicles is 100% secure and safe. When you ship your vehicle with United Freeway Transportation, there will be enough space between each vehicle. In addition, when you need to move many vehicles from one area to another, we can offer the most efficient shipping method possible.

We only partner with the most trustworthy carriers, whose experienced and well-trained drivers deliver your automobiles from A to B with great care. Whether you're a car dealership, a corporation, or a person, you'll get the highest quality car transport services USA.

What Should You Know Before Opt Multiple Vehicles Shipping?

Open and Enclosed Car Transport

To give you an idea of how a car shipping company in the USA carries and delivers to each location, two kinds of carriers are used: enclosed car transport and open car transport. An enclosed carrier is a secure method of transporting automobiles. It shields vehicles from all sides during transport, shielding them from inclement weather, sun damage, and potential road debris. This delivery method is considered a premium service and is thus more costly.

Contrary to covered shipment, an open carrier is a more affordable and efficient solution. It is less costly since it can transport more vehicles than the enclosed carrier. Generally, it can transport six to twelve vehicles simultaneously, while the enclosed can only transport one to two vehicles.

Wrap Up

If you want to send two or more vehicles, you may choose to inquire with the United Freeway about shipping savings. If you often use their services, the majority of auto transport services will offer you substantial savings.

To get superior service, choosing the appropriate transport firm is vital. Prior to transporting their vehicles, all automobile owners must prepare beforehand.

However, if you are uncertain about where to approach? Communication with United Freeway Transportation You may get a free estimate by completing our free online quotation form. If you do, you will instantly see your estimate and be contacted within minutes with a quotation. However, if you are exporting many vehicles, you may need to contact an agent.