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Yes, We're Open! - United Freeway Transportation is OPEN and servicing all 50 states to assist with your auto shipping needs.

Open Car Transport in California

United Freeway Transportation is known for safe and secure door-to-door Car Shipping Serviceation services

Selecting Open Car Transport in California is a great solution needed to deliver a standard vehicle to your selected destination. You can opt for these solutions especially if you have to deliver a second vehicle. You can save more with open carrier shipping and attain the benefits of insured shipping solutions. Your vehicle can arrive soon and lower the instances of damage.

Booking Open Car Transport in California is the easiest and most intelligent way to save money!

Why choose us?

At United Freeway Transportation, we deliver the following -

Trusted carriers and professionals

All our carriers and professionals are selected after due care and attention. Each customer is special and our experts undertake extensive efforts to ensure quality results.

This is why we have been the leading transport experts for a decade!

Affordable prices

We offer Car Transport services at the most affordable prices. Using our online calculator helps to determine the factors needed to attain the best transportation services for your needs.

You can easily choose between open and Enclosed Car Transport services to achieve the best results.

No upfront payment

Choosing Car shipping in California means that you do not have to pay huge upfront costs.

This means that you need to pay no advance money to get our services.

Friendly customer service

Our experts will help you to narrow down your options. These make sure that you have the right experience from start to end.


How much does Open Car Transport in California cost?
The costs of Open Car Transport in California are highly variable and dependent on the following factors -
  • The total mileage between two destinations
  • The prevailing fuel rates
  • The vehicle specifications
  • Seasonal vs. Off-season shipments
  • Additional services required, etc.

You can also email us for a free and detailed quote for Open Car Transport in California.

How well ahead should you book Open Car shipping?

Booking your Open Car shipping ahead of time offers us the opportunity to access the routes and plan well. Although, each vehicle transported by us is special yet we take additional care of pre-booked vehicles.

Ideally, you should book 2-3 weeks ahead of the schedule to get the best results.

When to choose open services over Enclosed Car Transport?

Here is a comparison between open and Enclosed Car Transport services -

Open shipping

  • It is the most popular and fastest method to transport your vehicles
  • Ideal for your average vehicle or custom cars
  • Quite an affordable way to ship the car to shorter distances
  • The vehicle is exposed to natural elements

Enclosed shipping

  • These are one of the most reliable ways to ship your car
  • Ideal for shipping expensive vehicles, vintage cars and SUV
  • Ideal for both short and longer distances but is expensive
  • The car is shipped in a specially designed vehicle. Your selected vehicle arrives in the exact condition it was sent.